Our silver jewellery proudly relate to Greece’s long silversmithing culture.

Our silver pieces come from Ioannina in the region of Epirus, a small town in northern Greece that is surrounded by a magnificent lake. Since the Byzantine period and more specifically since the 17th century, Ioannina was a city full of guilds. The institution of the guilds was very important to the locals, and offered a great deal to develop a healthy social, cultural and financial structure. One of the most significant ones was the guild of the silversmiths; the communal life of the city was bonded to silver ever since. Moreover, the greater peak for the art and trade of silver, was during the ottoman rule of the city (15th to the beginning of the 20th), especially  in the 18th and 19th century. Today, Ioannina host more or less 90 workshops that create a remarkable variety of styles and patterns , always by hand,  using their invaluable silversmithing past.

Modern or traditionally patterned, each piece of jewellery has a special silversmithing quality…

Stepping into our shop means getting a taste of really unique, stylish silver jewellery that make a statement for their significant bond to a huge silversmithing heritage of nothern Greece.

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