Greek Inspired

Our inspiration is Grecian ; Characteristic patterns of Greece that create an inexplicably elegant effect on items like jewellery, clothes and decoratives. We are thrilled to work with Greek designers and artisans, to host their statement and unique masterpieces, to be able to display items that are handcrafted in Greece with fine materials. We are happy that our shop has a definate concept and vision ; it represents Grecian stylishness, a kind of quality that owns the typical mild and yet loud elegance of Greece.

Panting on wood. Replicas of traditional laces patterns that have been created with the old technique of Aegina, called “Kopaneli”

” Ελιά, η αγαπημένη…”

Olive, the most cherished…

Real olive tree branch, a huge sympol in Greece, plated with 925 silver.

Painted linen, handmade hat with Cycladic drawing, embroidered with silk thread jewellery, good-luck charm with colorful silkworm cocoons.

Aegina’s most loved tree – Pistachio ! Drawing on tile collected from Aegina’s old house.

952 Silver sugar spoons beautifully carved up. A typical example of Ioannina’s silverware.

Silver & Silk Concept Shop , Aegina , Greece