About Maria

Dear friends,

Thank you for taking interest in our shop! Silver & Silk is more like a home to us rather than a workplace.

Arriving in Aegina in 2018 has been the beginning of a fantastic journey. Mountainous Ioannina town where I have been born and raised, the city of silversmiths as it is often called, has given me the opportunity to learn, love and live the culture of silver.

As with all artistic heritage, only when moving away from something as you grow up do you see clearly its significance. And so, as getting older I realized the excellence of Ioannina silver masterpieces, the beauty and importance of its history, the knowledge of the people involved and the great past of this art.

So one thing led to another, and the love for our local arts and products led me to attend a two year Master on Services Management of Cultural Tourism conducted by Athens University of Economics and Business. Impressed by the field, I moved on to a PhD on Local Recources Managenent  and Cultural Heritage ; products, gastronomy, arts as a means to share our culture and achieve local prosperity through smooth and fair practice and sustainable development  for the community. 

This is why I love so much to work with Greek artists and host Greek handcrafted items !

My amazing experience working with Saveur Magazine, United States